​​The BGROUP laboratory has a wide variety of facilities and measurement systems essential for experimental investigations. The experimental facilities include:

Suction wind tunnel: test section - 0.9m x 0.6m and 4.5m long

Blowdown wind tunnel: test section - 0.45m x 0.47m and 2.5m long, equipped with custom-built sting-system,  3-axis force balance, and a rolling road

Recirculating water flume: test section- 1.2m x 0.8m and 6.75m long, equipped with two 2-axis pitch-plunge mechanisms for use in flapping wing experiments.

Static water tank: 2m wide, 3m long and 2m deep

​Round jet: 0.05m diameter. Equipped with a custom Pitot holder for calibration of hot wires and other sensors. 

Besides the the facilities mentionned above, we also make use of the recent techniques for flow diagnostics and other measurements purposes, among these techniques we use : 

  • Particle image velocimetry (planar, stereo, V3V, tomographic, time-resolved, Micro PIV)
  • Planar laser-induced florescence
  • Laser-Doppler anemometry (multi-component)
  • Hot-wire anemometry
  • Load cell measurements (forces and moments)
  • Surface pressure measurements
  • Torque measurements


Further details on these facilities can be found here.