PhD Opportunities 

Several PhD studentships are available in the general area of experimental fluid mechanics.  Almost all projects will use advanced laser diagnostics to study the physics of turbulent and aerodynamic flows. These fully-funded studentships includes home fees (i.e. UK/EU students) and a stipend of approximately £14000 per year. Overseas students have to find an alternative source for the difference in fees. Early overseas applicants may be considered for a scholarship that will pay the fee difference. Prospective applicants must also have a good academic record - preferably a first-class degree (or equivalent).

Please take a look at the Research page to identify research areas and contact Bharath at   to discuss potential projects.

Suggested projects 

• Turbulent boundary layers 
• Turbulent shear flows and its control
• Flow control for gust load alleviation and noise reduction
• Aeromechanics of membrane wings
• Dynamics of Vortex Rings

After an informal conversation with Bharath, interested students should visit the How to Apply section on the University’s website to make formal applications. Please specify Bharath Ganapathisubramani as your project supervisor when you complete the application.