Manuel Ferreira

PhD student

​MSc, University of Lisbon, 2015

Main Project: Rough-wall turbulent boundary layers

Girish Jankee

​​PhD student

MEng, University of Southampton, 2016

Main Project: Manipulation of wall-turbulence using synthetic jets

Rene Kaufmann

PhD student

​MSc, University of Göttingen, 2011

Main Project: Measurements of flow and surface deformation over compliant surfaces

Co-supervised with Prof. Fabrice Pierron

 PhD students​

Takfarinas Medjnoun

PhD student

MSc, University of Poitiers, 2014

Main Project: Rough-wall turbulent boundary layers

Tim Berk​

PhD student

MSc, University of Twente, 2014

Main Project: Vectoring of parallel synthetic jets

Angeliki Laskari

PhD student

MSc, NTU Athens, 2012

Main Project: Pressure determination from PIV

Co-supervised with Dr Roeland de Kat

Jacques Van Der Kindere

PhD student

MEng, University of Southampton, 2012​

Main Project: Dynamics of turbulent separation

Alex Barbu

PhD student

MEng, University of Southampton, 2011

Main Project: Electroactive membrane wings

Co-supervised with Dr Roeland de Kat

Nikolaos Lagopoulos

​​PhD student

MEng, Duke University, 2016

MSc, KTH, 2015

Main Project: Tandem Flapping Hydrofoils

Co-supervised with Dr Gabriel Weymouth

Eda Dogan

PhD student

MSc, Middle East Technical University, 2012

Main Project: Effects of freestream turbulence on turbulent boundary layers

Luke Muscutt

PhD student

MEng, University of Sheffield, 2009

Main Project: Hydrodynamics of tandem flapping foils

Co-supervised with Dr Gabriel Weymouth

Rammah Shami

PhD student

MSc, University College London, 2009

Main Project: Interacting vortex rings

Dr Daniele Fiscaletti

Postdoctoral research fellow

PhD, Delft University, 2016

Dr Jason Hearst

Postdoctoral research fellow

PhD, University of Toronto, 2015

Main Project: Flow past fractal objects

 Post-doctoral researchers​

Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics, 

Head of the Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Group,

Faculty of Engineering and the Environment,

University of Southampton

PhD, University of Minnesota, 2004

MS, University of Minnesota, 2001

B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, 1999

Curriculum Vitae